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 Workshops and Presentations

Join like-minded people on an exciting intellectual expedition.  People who are searching, like yourself, for ways to live a meaningful life.  These activities are not simply presentations; each event is designed around a specific topic of interest.  We hold the events in small groups so that everyone has the opportunities to maximize their interaction with others.  Great benefits for first time experience and equally benefits to the more savvy ones among us who wish to brush up their well-being state.

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Don’t have time to attend one our on-site events?  Is the location too far?  You may always join one of our webinars – whether online stream or selected to view one of the recorded episodes.  Don’t let time, location, or any other excuses hold you back from gaining priceless knowledge and begin today to transform yourself and live the life you always desired and deserved.

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Coaching and Mentoring

 Wellness Coaching and Mentoring

We all want something to change in our life.  Whether it is to simply become happier, improve our financial situation, or enhance our physical health.  Or maybe we stuck in a meaningless and energy sucking relationships or wish to have a reading and exciting career.  Any of these worth changes in our life are important yet challenging.  It is easier to reach our goals to improve our life if we get the support and help from others.  Read more about Wellennium Above and beyond coaching and mentoring program

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Coaching and Mentoring

Trade Shows

One of the most exciting opportunities to meet like-minded people is during a trade show or a conference on a topic of your interest. We carefully select the events in which we participate. It is such an elating experience to be surrounded with people who reflect their great positive energy on others. We enjoy the interaction with vendors who offer products and services that help people to live a better life. Are you ready to engage in an event that would leave a positive impact on your life? Make plan to join us in one of the upcoming events and you will also benefit from a memorable experience.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Market Fairs

We believe in helping everyone we can. We therefore put a great emphasize on reaching out to smaller communities across the Netherlands. One of the most effective ways is through festivals and market fairs. These fair are typically held at the heart of the community and always associated with time of festivity and emotional happiness. Don’t miss the opportunity to join us in one of our upcoming events. It would a worthwhile time spent with your family and love ones. We promise; you will be surprised of the positive energy and the great products we offer.

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Well [Boo(s)t Camp]TM  

Do you feel helpless?  Do you need a boost of energy?  Stuck in life in a place you wish to forget?  Don’t push the panic button yet.  Do we have an exciting and fun solution for you? Join us for a weekend in nature for fun, excitement and a memorable experience.  But don’t let this ambient fools you.  We are going to have a holistic gym.  This intensive weekend will rejuvenate your mind, recharge your emotional batteries, refuel your physical well-being, and replenish your emotional intelligence inventory. (Coming on June 2017)

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Wellennium exciting new initiative includes a river cruise into the heart of Germany.  We will cruise and stop at various locations and will be joined by other locals who are engaging in wellness activities.  For each cruise we will designate a theme and sub themes.  We will experience a harmony between sightseeing, culinary delight, intellectual inspiration, mindfulness and meaningful social interaction.  Our program was created to enhance our well being and energize to maintain it beyond the cruise.  If you wish to learn more about this exciting cruise or if you wish to share with us your preferences in terms of program and amenities please click here. (Coming August 2018)

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Well[Corp] TM – Corporate and Small Business Wellness

Worried about low productivity?  Are your employees suffering from a low morale?  Do you find it challenging to be creative and stay competitive in your market?  Are your employees having too many sick days?  These are some of the symptoms that indicate a poor organizational well-being. And you can do something about it!

We are exciting to announce the launching of Wellennium’s Well[Corp] TM  at the beginning of 2017.  The program was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We feel your pain and understand your daily concerns.  We therefore have specifics easy to follow, and very affordable, tools and plans to support you as you improve the well-being of your organization. (Coming January 2017).

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Well[Teen] TM  – Children and Teenagers Wellness 

The young generation of today, who are called Generation Z, are children who were born after the year 2000.  This generation was born into an era of wealth of information, fast pace life and virtual connectivity.  They have amazingly different set of values and belief as the previous generation.  While they have many undoubtedly strengths one of their leading weakness is their relatively lower emotional intelligence (EQ).  EQ has a substantial impact on our well being as individuals as well as society.  Stay tune for the launching of Wellennium’s Well[Teen] TM that was develop specifically to improve the quality of life and the well-being of our children. (Coming May 2017). 

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