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Imagine that you have everything you WANT to have in life. Would you consider that sufficient? Would you be happy then? And is happiness the ultimate state in our life? What does happiness mean?

And if now I would ask you to imagine you have everything you NEED in your life ? would the list look the same or differently?

OF course there are so many other questions I could have ask. And I chose “Happiness” as starting point for our dialogue.

Our life are unpredictable to most extent. And I am not getting into the argument of whether or not we do have a free choice and if so to what extent. But to the extent we do, can we live better?

To demonstrate my point, I would like to look at the principles of commerce and business transactions. In a business environment, we always purchase something in exchange of – in most cases – money. We are willing to pay or give something of lesser value to us for something of more value to us.

In general – although there are some exceptions – We go through life based on the same principles; we are giving up on free time to spend time with our children. We are working harder in order to enjoy vacation time on the beach. We spend countless nights fearing an upcoming exam, in order to have a better paying or a rewarding career.  And there are endless examples if you get the drift.  We are always looking for actions that cause us to receive something worthy (to us of course…).

With this in mind we – the Wellenialns – conceived Wellennium.  A community that puts on the pedestal single cause – Enabling people to live life worth living.  The worthiness of something to each of us is subjective, like our fingerprint.  Therefore our goal is that the value we deliver to our members is unique and relevant to each and every one of them. This was the main reason behind using a fingerprint symbol as part of our brand.

Our goal with the Well[Tale]TM is to engage with our community on a spectrum of interesting thought provoking, and sometimes irritating thoughts.  We want this platform to serve for a community.

We recognize that the most common language of the Well[Tale] may be English.  However, to increase the reach out of this content, we encourage you to post your thoughts in your own language.  We just ask that you include a translation of your thoughts into English at the bottom of your comment.

On behalf of the Wellennials, welcome on board and we wish you a creative and engaging discussion here.

The Wellennials.

You have just recovered from your New Year’s celebration, looking up to a sky of unlimited potential, and staring at a horizon of unfulfilled desires. You are full of enthusiasm and convinced that this year it will be different.  Energized by your ambitious plans to conquer your goals, you have already made up your mind about the exact steps to reach them. Fast forward three months and almost nothing has happened. Why? The answer may surprise you: it is not about the goal, but rather the context in which you view the goal. 

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