New begining Never Ends

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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford 

Welcome to our world, the world of the Wellennials, members of the Wellennium tribe. We embrace togetherness. We value collaboration first among ourselves and then with our customers, vendors and the entire Wellennium family of stakeholders.  Every day, we aspire to make a positive, enduring, and memorable impact on the lives of our stakeholders and the community in which we live.

We value our relationships – our service goes beyond that of solely our great products. We know that creating exceptional experiences – like the one we want you to have – is more like an orchestra that creates a symphony rather than a single genius musician playing a solo (don’t get us wrong; we appreciate solo musicians).

Going through life without a positive meaning is like living in a box; you don’t have the joy of creativity that lets you enjoy even the mundane. You need to feel the chorus of positive vibes around you to give you the feeling of power you need.

The best work comes from meaningful and enduring relationships that are relevant to both parties.

In the wake of a great orchestra such as the award-winning Dutch Metropol Orchestra, we formed Wellennium to deliver you an unparallel experience. An experience that will help you achieve a life worth living.

In the spirit of the land of the masters such as Vincent van Gough and Rembrandt, our Wellenials Dutch team is an exceptional collection of true originals.

Now, let’s meet the Wellennials:

Monique Hurkmans

Our Dollar and Sense Guru

Eagle by birth. Caring genius by choice. Monique is the epitome of loyalty, interwoven with generosity and persistence. But don’t let this timid appearance deceive you; Monique is decisive ( with a sprinkler of stubbornness …) woman with a powerful, yet gentle, touch. She infuses the numbers with her sense of success. Monique’s preferred color is yellow, the color of, among others, sunshine, hope, happiness, and the need for clarity – attributes that she always instilled in her surrounding circle of family and friends.


Amy van de Annahoeve's Jolly Jumper

Our Leader of Customer Engagement

A 2 year old labradoodle fueled by a soul with zezt for life and bundled in a furry cuddly and huggable body. Amy is a dedicated member of the Wellennials. She is always focused on her goals in life. Between chasing birds from our garden to barking for the sake of voicing her opinion about unknown topics.




Dr. Doron Zilbershtein

Our Humble Entrepreneur  

Humble by design. Creative by genes. Doron is always fascinated by how people think; especially YOU! When not obsessed with developing both our brand, charting our course to success, or infusing the Wellennials with a healthy dose of positive energy, Doron lets his passion flourish; either in the kitchen – cooking gourmet food for his incredible in-laws, in the classroom – teaching doctoral students (one of his greatest passion in life…), in the garden – feeding 32 mature goldfish, or in the community – engaging in giving children a better future to look forward to, and to support animal-related causes.


Nelli Hurkmans-Gijsenbergh​

Our Passion Stimulator  

Loyalty by nature. Kindness by demand. A one of a kind, original humanitarian, the kind of a species that has been gradually becoming more and more rare. From sunrise to sunset Nellie energizes the Wellennials to make a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives. She takes her “Matriarch of the Tribe” role to higher dimensions by sprinkling us with her abundant love and care. Her eagle eyes are trained to catch any abnormality in our financial roadmap, making sure that we reach our destination with a smile on our face and a rejuvenated bank account. 

Arik Edelman

Our Complexity Simplifier

Created for giving. Driven by meaning. Enhance others living. Arik is an authentic intellectual virtuoso. His intellectual passport allows him to cross boundaries that others merely dare to push. With an eye on the future and an ear on the ground, Arik makes sure that we never push the panic button. He always comes up with amazing practical solutions to tackle our emerging challenges.

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